Damascus Road - The Book

The End – And a New Beginning!

Paul’s world is eroding in a whirlwind of conflict and turmoil, challenging everything he believes, as he leads a vigilante group seeking to end the terrorism that’s engulfed their community.  Paul's brother, Tony, is at the helm of the terrorists, and is willing to eliminate anyone who gets in his way.  Meanwhile, Paul’s former “lieutenant,” Steve, returns home, opening a Christian rock club on the edge of town – Damascus Road; and he brings his sister, Britne, with him.  Sparks begin to fly, fanning the flames of passion and emotion, until a raging fire burns in the hearts of each character.  There’s only one way for all this to end.  Or is there?  Love.  Hate.  Revenge.  Redemption.  At the crossroad of his own life, Paul will only find the answer to the questions in his heart through the doors … of Damascus Road.  

In Damascus Road, author Louis Costley cuts to the core of the human experience, and allows fundamental truths to rise to the surface for all of us to explore.

“If you’re looking for a story that will make your heart race, your eyes tear-up and your face smile—you’ve found it in Damascus Road. This is a compelling, moving and exciting story that recaptures an ancient drama in up-to-date style. Lou Costley has given a gift to modern readers that will last for generations to come!”

Rev. Rob Schenck, President

Faith & Action in the Nation's Capital


Louis Costley is currently working on other aspects of this project.  A movie is in development, and the soundtrack for that movie will be released soon.  An ordained minister, he loves to delve into the truths found within the pages of Scripture, and shares those truths at every opportunity.  Louis is also a seasoned drummer and stage actor, and makes his home in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Greg Meeker is a professional chef, and a marketing consultant, and is currently authoring a cookbook on “sustainable seafood.”  An accomplished musician, he’s actively involved in the music ministry.  He resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with his wife and children.